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Author April 23, 2016

Kitchen Floors

One of the first decisions you have to make to match and enhance the looks of your kitchen, choice of the floor is a key decision to make when trying to create a balanced space. So let’s start something traditional and that would be the wood surfaces, hardwood throughout is common in the real estat...
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Author April 23, 2016


Something you can’t ignore in a kitchen is lighting, put as more lighting as possible, you can always turn it off if it’s too bright but to begin with too dim and not have an option for brightness is not a good option at all. So first is natural light and it can get brighter in daylight but then...
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Anonymous April 23, 2016


Another option people ask is tiles, when it comes to tiles, we got porcelain and ceramics. Ceramics is for your lower end a more affordable version, ceramics tiles traditionally come in a square pattern now you can see them with linen and wood finishes, all these products are made with clay and it ...
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